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Lets play~ by 1222346rose
Mature content
Lets play~ :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 4 0
Colored version by 1222346rose Colored version :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 2 0 Game over!  by 1222346rose
Mature content
Game over! :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 1 4
Wip white koala  by 1222346rose Wip white koala :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 1 0 New oc by 1222346rose New oc :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 0 0 Colored version by 1222346rose Colored version :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 4 4 Nice view by 1222346rose Nice view :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 1 0 Meet the artist by 1222346rose Meet the artist :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 2 0 Its emeralds B-day!  by 1222346rose Its emeralds B-day! :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 3 2 Sonic riders rosa redesign  by 1222346rose Sonic riders rosa redesign :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 5 0 New oc  by 1222346rose New oc :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 0 0 Colored version by 1222346rose Colored version :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 2 0 Wrong remote  by 1222346rose Wrong remote :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 3 0 Snuggling for winter 3 by 1222346rose Snuggling for winter 3 :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 2 0 Snuggling together for winter 2 by 1222346rose Snuggling together for winter 2 :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 2 0 Snuggling togeather for winter by 1222346rose Snuggling togeather for winter :icon1222346rose:1222346rose 3 0


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Lifetime :iconmich-miranda:Mich-Miranda 7 5
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Lets play~
So ive trying to try out new hand poses and i honestly like this but i do think i messed up the hand though and i tried to make it look like shes bitting her lip plus darkcenna can spawn well you know lol! Only in her full form though lol
colored version this
Colored version
Finally colored this one lol and i git to admit it looks good from my perspective 😅
Game over!
Just a little gift for mich-miranda i honestly had fun drawing alex lol 😊 i had this idea that if they met they would try and compete at who kills the most plus i drew this based off the song little game by Benny heres the link down below
Anyway i hope you like it!

Alex belongs to Mich-Miranda

Darkcenna belongs to me
Wip white koala
Im probably gonna have to redraw her lol but so far im proud and shes addicted to science and experiments so in her spare time she does some test lol
New oc
Sooo im been so obsessed with voltron that i decided to make an voltron oc buut im trying to make a dragon oc
Welp finished my voltron dragon oc i juuust got to ink and color her lol plus give her a name sweat_smile
Colored version
Colored version of sonic the hedgehog

Sonic belongs to sega
Nice view
Drew Alvee enjoying the view still got to ink and color lol
Meet the artist
Drew myself in sonic form So for the poll on amino it was to draw myself in sonic form so I'd be a wolf lol and plus meet the artist lol
Its emeralds B-day!
Yo guys its emeralds birthday today she 16 yo *sniff* I'm so proud anyway I tried with the cake so don't judge ok lol she hanging out with out boo
Sonic riders rosa redesign
I decided to redesign rosas look in sonic riders soo Yea...I'll make full ref later I guess and her hat reads fall out boy

Stocking cuffs on her wrist belong to xix.o


*At the hospital*

The blacks family were waiting outside of a door waiting for news about there child,ego pacing back and forth while cece was holding onto emerald patting her head lily laying her head on cece’s lap. Cece looked up at her husband and was getting worried”ego please sit down”ego stopped and balled his fist up”it’s my fault”cece ears twitched not hearing him”what?”he growled rage starting to full him up again”i knew something was going to happen but i ignored the feeling i  i didn’t listen to it i!”he growled and punched the wall making a crack his eyes starting to turn black again,cece put emerald down next to her sister lily then stood up and hugged ego whos hand was still gripped in a fist”it’s not your fault”ego didn’t say anything cece tightened her hug around him”ego...calm down”ego hesitated for a minute then took a deep breath calming down for a bit”sorry”cece nodded then the doctor came out of the other room

“Mr and mrs:black?”

Both of them looked at the doctor and walked over to him”doctor whats going on?is she ok?”the doc took out a paper and started reading

“She’s going to be fine but rosa is unconscious right now….she does have a broken arm and a couple of bruises on her body a fractured rib on her left side and a huge scar on her right cheek”

Ego’s pov

I listened to the doctor talk as i held my wife”are we able to see her”the doc nodded his head

Doc:you may but she won’t be responsive she’s down the hall to your left”

I thanked him and told emerald and lily to come with us”he said down the hall and to the left right”cece nodded and we walked down in that direction then walked into the room i stood by the door staring at my daughter that is unconscious with all those bandages all over her “…” cece grabbed my hand nodding and we went over,i stood next to her and could only hear her breath

Emerald:”its my fault”

I look over to emerald and she gripped her hand in a fist tears welling up in her eyes again

Emerald:”i shouldn’t have left her *sniff* i should have stayed an-”before she could finish i picked her up and hugged her

Ego”don’t say that you did right to come and get us don’t blame yourself”i held her as she cried in my shoulder as cece patted lily’s head crying


3 mins has passed and the little hoglet began to stir in her sleep”

Cece and ego went over to rosa and patted her head as she blinked back her tears,ego sighed of relief while emerald and lily held the bed sheets tight smiling she looked at emerald then smiled

Rosa:im glad your safe..”

Emerald ears lowered and she gripped her hand smiling back at her sister

Emerald:what about you though*sniff*..”

Lily looked at rosa her eyes red and puffy


Even in this state rosa always tried to play it off

Rosa:dont worry im ok..”

They were smiling when the doctor came to the door and lightly knocked on it

Doc:”mr and mrs black may i see you for a minute” they both nodded and exited the room letting the kids chat for a bit,the doctor had an uncertain and not happy

Cece:what wrong doctor”

The doctor looked at the two then looked back at the hoglet in the room

Doctor:we were looking into her  x-rays to see if there were anything else broken as we were examining it…”the doctor looked at them”there seems to be something growing inside of your daughter

Ego and cece went pale at hearing this news and he held cece’s hand thinking

Ego:well can’t you remove it somehow”

The doctor shook his head sadly

Doctor:we’ve tried to but it seems to be latched onto her we’ve never seen something like this before”he looked at the x-ray then showed the couple as cece took the x-ray there before them was like a mist shadow dark spot around rosa’s cheek down to her heart,ego kepted looking at it and nearly tore it to shreds when cece took it away before he could

Cece:what do you think we should do”

The doctor looked at the hoglet resting on the bed with her sisters

Doc:for now you must wait she may experience chest pain so  if it gets out of hand give her this medicine each day before she leaves”

The doctor gave them a two sets of pills with a note attached to it

Doc:make sure she takes it the chest relive 5 times a day and the face cream for each night”

Cece clenched the bottle in her hand and looked at her daughter as did ego and both with sad expressions knowing that there daughter will never be the same again

The next chapter will be a time skip into the present day Wanna know what happen next find out more in chapter 4 in It Begins


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